Kayla’s dream

Kayla was being tortured. Ripped from the inside out from the bad thoughts ringing through her head all day and night. Starting with the negative post and comments on her social media, to the point she had to delete all of her accounts. Still, the death threats came in the form of email and sometimes text from untraceable numbers. She knew because she gave them to William’s dad, Sheriff Topps. The perpatraders used special apps that made them literally ghost within the microwave frequency of the local cell tower waves that flows around us like an invisible river of internet. Almost like ghost taunting her every hour or every day.

Ever since the night her best-friend Leah disappeared, Kayla’s life has been a mess. Even after Mason, Leah’s little brother, was present that night and he could attest to what Kayla relayed to the FBI investigators, this still didn’t hold any weight in the investigation. Soon after, Mason retracted his statement and declined to serve as a witness in the case. He said he was not emotionally fit since his recent loss and just went along with Kayla out of fearing her.

How could Mason do that?

She knows what they both saw that night. Kayla does feel guilty because none of them would of been there if it wasn’t for her dream. The mysterious, re-occurring dream. Like having deja-vu every time she wakes up. Except every night a different dream still feels the like it’s the same in a odd kind of way. Like every night unravels a small piece to a giant puzzle. In this dream, she would always be in this same, mysterious forest.

Fog rising from the tall grass and evaporating in the warm canopy of the think forest all around her, Kayla always recognized the same forest in her dream. Giant trees, almost prehistorically proportioned, loomed all around like an surrounding army. Even if she was in a different place within this dream world, she always knew and woke up with the same name in her head: Sweetwater Creek.

One day, Kayla and Leah were eating lunch together at the Eerie middle school cafeteria, when she began telling Leah about the re-occurring dream. Leah became so intrigued and said the forest Kayla was describing is a place she knows of, behind the highway near The Racks. Leah had snuck out of her house one night last summer and met some of her older high school friends, and they brought her there, to that same spot in the forest that Kayla was describing. Kayla was so amazed to hear this, she could tell Leah was legitimately excited about it too; so they planned to meet that night.

Kayla snuck out quietly through her bedroom window. Her step-dad works night shifts, so after checking to make sure her Mom was asleep, the coast was clear to make her break. They both agreed to meet near the edge of Eerie lake, where the highway splits a path through to the western edge of The Racks, a large hill with a deadly trail leading to what is said to be mysterious cave.

Kayla feels like she is waiting an eternity for Leah. The sun has set and twilight sets in, she begins to see a figure in the distance, and than another. After a second, she can tell it is Leah…and her little brother Mason? Why?

Leah explained when sneaking out, she was made by Mason, her little brother. Blackmailing her, he said if he couldn’t tag along, he would snitch. Leah had no choice. But everything happens for a reason, right? If Mason wasn’t there that night, Kayla might not have believed herself. It was so strange how it happened.

In order to cross the highway, the three of them had to scale up a large hill to the top of the highway’s maintenance bridge. With 75 mph traffic flying by above them, they must cross the restricted area carefully. They are elevated a couple hundred feet above the river. The rusty steel bridge is rickety and begins to fall apart, leaving them trapped. They had no choice and continued to the forest.

Leah directed them to the special spot Kayla described. They make it to a large opening in the woods with the trees forming a perfect circle. Kayla cannot believe it. She begins to have flash backs of her dreams. This is exactly where she is in many of her dreams. As she begins to fade off into a haze, she is quickly jolted back when a heavy wind picks up and brings in a storm of energy surrounding them.

The three of them were all confronted by an unexplainable noise and rustling all around them. Like a stamped of invisible spirits pushing and shoveling each of them until Leah was quickly snatched up and flown out of sight, deep into the darkness of the forest. Her screams going from a loud shriek fading into nothingness, disappearing into thin air, in seconds.

The rustling died down and Kayla and Mason were left chasing any and every noise into the night. Like an endless journey through a nightmare you hope and pray you will wake up from. And as the sun rises and births a new day, so does the stone at the pit of her stomach, that has not left since that night. Kayla goes to bed and wakes up, everyday, feeling that same emptiness. Why did this have to happen?

Kayla had to make a lot of lifestyle changes to protect herself and her family from the abusive and judgmental world. For some strange reason, even through all the chaos, William Topps was always been so genuine and kind. Never once joined in on the antics with the others or showed any sign of hate towards her. In fact, Kayla felt protected when William was around. Even after the fight. She knows it was not a fair fight and Ronnie was in the wrong; But he is dead now and Frank is deformed forever, while William is also left scarred for life; with the scar literally written all over his face. Still, no trace of the strange wolf-like creature that killed Ronnie Herrera and deformed an aire to the hierarchy at PURE CORP. Even after all the money spent on special investigations, there was no trace of where this wolf disappeared to, or more importantly, where it came from…



sleep exper

Bullhead emerges at the start of the notorious ‘no-sleep’ experiment of 2025. At this point in time, mad scientists’, from PURE CORP., have found the investors to fund Project: No Sleep. They began performing a dangerous and undisclosed experiment on thirteen unwilling human subjects, being held against their own will. These experiments consist of major sleep deprivation and heavy drug use, forced upon the test subjects through a total of sixty days. In the eyes of PURE CORP., much of the study was done as ‘humanly as possible, given the conditions.’

This was a load of crap.

During the 2-month long experiment, the thirteen test subjects were tortured, forced to remain awake by any measure imaginable. Flogging and abuse was carried out upon any sign of sleep from any of them, not to mention midnight raids and beatings every night. Bright lights, loud music and even a ear piercingly loud recording of a baby crying, playing on a loop throughout the night. Constant noise blasting through each of the thirteen separate cells connected in a line all hours of the day, changing the chemistry within each of the confined and sleepless prisoners .

All the cells have a metal door with a small window of impenetrable glass, allowing the scientist, guards and observers full disclosure into each cell. Each of the subjects suffering in their own way, while white lab coats flutter on the other side, notating every move each of them make. When one of them would begin to nod off, even after being blasted with loud music and bright lights, that is when the heavy drugs came into play. Against their will, forced and stabbed with shots full of strong anti-sleep medication. Towards the end, some of the prescription drugs became unobtainable and the anti-sleep doses became street narcotics, which formed deadly consequences.

This is when it gets ugly.

Days of no sleep turned to weeks, and the thirteen eventually lost track of time, and soon lost track of their lives. After not eating or drinking for days, half of them became mutes and uncommunicative while the others were extremely hostile and violent. One of them killed a guard and was not even affected when shot with a dozen doses of tranquillizer darts.

The thirteen became inhuman. None of them were the same. Once normal, well-spoken and educated humans, now grunting animalistic demonic creatures with superhuman strength. The guards refused to work and many investors pulled out, and the scientist were forced to abort the experiment. The lab was burned along with everything inside.

More loads of crap.

Bullhead was not awoke from his eternal slumber for just anything and what he knew was more than just the evidence. He knew the cold hard facts. Facts only someone with an ancient mind, such as his, could know and understand. Facts that would drive the rest of the world mad- that is, if he ever shared his secret. Being that he is the sole remaining aire of his ancient bloodline sent to carry out an important mission in time, it was up to him find anyone he felt the secret was safe with, and that could help him. Before it was too late…



fight crime scene

He was beating William senseless. Helpless under Ronnie, he was being pummeled with punches raining down like a hell storm. William’s face was swelled up like two busted tomatoes under each eye. Ronnie Herrara continued the assault on her poor, helpless childhood best friend and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Kayla ran over towards the violence, but before she could get close enough to help, she is stopped by Frank Darhart, Ronnie’s best-friend. He held her back from becoming caught in the cross fire of the battering. She quickly yanks her arm from his grip and pushed Frank away.

Get off of me you creep!” Kayla cries as she ran away helplessly stumbling, falling onto the sidewalk her and William were once walking on, peacefully. She calls up to the sky and begins screaming.

Help!” She picks herself up and continues yelling desperately. Kayla notices Frank following her so she moves faster, looking for anyone to help her save William from possibly being beat to death.

Help! Please, somebody!” She shouts and continues to pace around the neighborhood’s cul-de-sac, but still doesn’t see anybody around. It’s like a ghost town. Her mind is racing, but in the distance through all the noise from the fight, she can hear a dog barking. Somehow, she feels the barking was there in the back of her mind since the fight first started and she is now noticing it.

I must have tuned it out through-out all the chaos.

She turns to see an enormous wolf-dog barking inside the fence of the nearby property.

How did I miss that?

She turns back and can see Ronnie still straddling William, yelling in his lifeless face while holding him up by the collar of the school uniform t-shirt. The wolf-hound continuous to viciously yap and howl at the commotion and Kayla sparks an idea. She runs over to the door of the chain-link fence the large dog is trapped behind, and she pauses.

Now, after a closer look at this creature, Kayla hesitates. This is like no dog she has ever seen before. Thick slob exploding from the animal’s snout through the chain-link fence, as the dog violently barks towards the boys. The creature having the mass of a small lion and the snarl and movements of a werewolf. The beasts stricken-focus was dead on Ronnie. She puts her hand on the latch and looks over at William. She was not used to seeing him in this motionless, unresponsive state; she has no choice.

The dog will scare them and break up the fight, right?

She lifts the latch and throws the gate open, causing the door to slam against the fence behind. The wolf-like creature can immediately sense freedom and jets around through the threshold of the iron gate exit. Kayla’s heart drops as the animal comes rushing by her like a speeding car. After seeing it move, she was definite this dog was like no other she had ever seen in the town of Eerie. After a few large strides, the menacing beast comes within a dangerously close range to the boys.

Ronnie must have noticed the large moving object in the corner of his eye because he quickly changes his focus from William onto the large dog closing in on him. Still within feet of the two-boy pile, the wolf pounces through the air towards them and before Ronnie could raise both arms up in defense, the large hound’s front paws land on his chest. Ronnie is sent falling, violently backwards crushed under the beast. Kayla begins to notice Ronnie is lifeless with his skull crushed hard against the pavement. A puddle of blood emerges from under Ronnie’s head, while his eyes stare up into nothingness, beginning to glaze over.

The wolf quickly shifts its focus on a fearful Frank Darkhart. The creature snarling and growling at him, looking ready to strike at any minute. Frank remains still with his arm out in front of him, trying to calm the dog down through friendly speech.

“It’s ok, doggie…just stay calm…everything’s gonna be ok…” Frank makes his soft pleas before making a quick dash, causing the wolf to panic and lunge toward Frank. Before Frank could turn around, the wolf was mid-air when it chomps down his strong jaws, biting down on Frank’s hand.

Arrggghh!” Frank cries in agonizing pain. He falls to the ground but quickly emerges to make a mad dash, cradling his arm.

The wolf paused for a moment which was strange. Kayla notices the wolf creature appearing as if it became lost for a moment. Like it didn’t know where it was or what it had just done. Suddenly, it spits up two bloody objects.

Franks fingers? Eww!

The wolf starts sniffing the ground, following a quick trail towards William and to Kayla’s horror, the wolf neared its snarling snout down over his battered face and grinned, showing off its razor sharp teeth. As the wolf opened its mouth, Kayla jumps up and screams,

No, don’t!

To her amazement, the giant, deadly wolf releases its long curled tongue and begins licking his bruised and battered face while whimpering. William remained motionless, clearly out cold. Frank continues to sprint away, stumbling and holding his arm and fingerless hand. Sirens emerge in the distance which causes the large creature to raise its head up in a panic. The wolf looks around and takes off towards Frank, leaving out of the dead end street.

How can someone have that as their pet?

Kayla runs over to William and drops by his side. She gently places her hand over his puffed up cheeks. She can almost feel his pain through feeling the large welts across WIlliam’s face. Kayla’s mind begins to race as she rushes to blame herself.

This is all my fault. If I only listened to Mom and stopped hanging out with William. I mean, with him being the son of the lead detective on Leah’s missing person case, it was probably a good idea. I miss the old days. When the three of us were inseparable.

Kayla stares down at William and begins to reminisce on grade school, before her and Leah went through their ‘Girls rule, boys drool’ phase. Even though, both her and Leah thought of William as different from the other boys. Sweeter, maybe?

Either way, when Leah disappeared, Kayla hadn’t spoken to William in years, though since Leah’s disappearance, he has been the only person that actually talks to Kayla. The rest of the world has put her in the category of ‘witch or weirdo’. If someone’s doesn’t taunt her with accusations of guilt regarding Leah’s disappearance, they simply ignore her like she doesn’t even exist. Life had become misery and William was her only light in all the darkness.

dog wolf


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